A complete practice-management system.

The AccuCare Web-Based Practice Management System is supported by a dedicated team of specialists, trained to answer every question about your system and how it can be used within your current documentation and billing processes. Customer support is included in your subscription, as well as automatic updates and upgrades based on real customer feedback.

AccuCare is built to cover the specific areas of your treatment protocols, including:


A centralized area to collect all of your insurance billing information. Quickly and easily submit both inpatient and outpatient claims electronically.

Chart Management

An online file cabinet with electronic signature cababilities, Chart Management allows you to store all of your paperwork in one secure online place.


Client Intake

A user interface built for efficient data entry. Get started with first name, last name, and gender. Or, get more in-depth by categorizing and scheduling.

Electronic Signature Pad

Capture your client's physical signature and apply to their records in the chart. Staff signatures can be saved to their profile and applied when signing off on documents too.



A collaborative appointment scheduler enabling clinicians to create daily, weekly, or monthly schedules for both staff and clients.

Assessments & Screening

Automated, accurate, ASI-based client assessments and screenigns based on population type - Adolescent, Adult ASI Lite, Adult, Adult JCAHO, and BSAP.


Progress Notes

Arguably one of the most important features of AccuCare, Progress Notes is where the clinicians document. Disciplined use leads to many benefits for both clients and staff.


A simple entry form that allows you to track the effectiveness and support of your prevention and community outreach activities.


Patient Placement

An automated patient level-of-care and treatment instrument that uses assessment information to develop a problem list, which guides the placement process.


A variety of reporting options are built into AccuCare - from robust data queries to visually-appealing data analysis reports.


Treatment Plans

A feature incorporating the basic elements of all treatment plans; problem statements, goals, objectives, intervention methods, implementation dates, and completion dates.

Discharge & Summary

A unique set of on-going tools that summarize progress, develop after-care plans, schedule follow-up sessions, assign DSM-IV-R Axis I-V, and provide summary of care.


Whether you are looking to automate your assessments, treatment planning, progress notes, insurance billing, or more, the AccuCare Practice Management System is here to help you. Designed specifically for addiction treatment, AccuCare combines your workflow with the technology to help you work more efficiently -- improving your documentation and increasing the time you can spend with your clients.

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