Chart Management

You can use a lot of paper and a lot of time worrying about your documents in a physical file cabinet—after all, there’s only so much security in a small keyed lock. Instead, why not keep all of your information in one place? In the virtual cloud, there is no worry about space requirements and searching for documents is easy. With AccuCare on your side, managing those documents will never be easier.

An online file cabinet with simple electronic signature capabilities that comply with most major certification standards, Chart Management allows you to store all of your paperwork in one secure online place. The documents are organized according to client, so it’s always quick work to find what you are looking for. Take a look below at some of the other notable features of this module:

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  • Upload files (into the client’s record) up to 100 MBs in size per file. Quickly and easily upload .pdf, .jpg, .gif, and .png files.
  • Assign file types and categories to your documents from a list that you can add or edit. Search documents by type or categories to find files quick and simple.
  • Monitor your allocated storage space, allowing you to plan for adding more storage space or better manage how much information is being uploaded by your users.
  • Amend signed documents and unsigned documents, while keeping a revision history for quality assurance.
  • Simple process to electronically sign documents as a single sign off or multiple staff sign off.
  • Preview uploaded documents and print directly from the viewer. A cover sheet prints with the uploaded document to identify details of the document including signoffs.
  • Select multiple documents at once to review and sign off on documents, to maximize workflow.
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