Your involvement with treatment doesn’t only happen within your office. Oftentimes, your presence can be felt within the community through different prevention and community outreach activities and events. You can now track these events in your AccuCare System using the Prevention module. In each new event, you can choose which staff will be in attendance, what type of activity will be planned, as well assign Risk Categories you will be addressing. With AccuCare’s Prevention module, you can now:

  • Track prevention and community outreach activities.
  • Set goals for the number of people you’d like to reach with your prevention activities and report on them.
  • Track evidence based prevention activities.
  • Track the type of Intervention: Universal Direct, Universal Indirect, Selective, Indicated
  • Identify different community stakeholders that have been involved or affected by a prevention activity.
  • Document accomplishments of the prevention activity.
  • Print an overview of each individual activity or create an aggregate report of your prevention activities.
  • Attribute specific events to different Agency IDs.
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