"How are you doing?" This is both a simple and daunting question. AccuCare Reporting functions help clinicians and administrators derive an answer. Metrics are quickly delivered, for clients, groups, staff and the clinic as a whole. If AccuCare doesn't have the report, custom reports can be generated.


Click a button, run a report, and then - if you want the data presented differently - export it to Microsoft Word or Excel.

AccuCare's Standard Reports Are:

  • Age at Admission by Gender
  • All Services Provided
  • Average # of Arrests and Charges
  • Average # of Days of Substance Use in Past 30 Days
  • Average # of Legal Charges by Gender
  • Average # of Years of Regular Substance Use
  • Clients with Methamphetamine Use
  • Discharge Reasons
  • Employment Status
  • Gender
  • GPRA Measures
  • Living Arrangements
  • Percentage of Clients with Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Primary Diagnosis Count
  • Primary Substance of Choice
  • Referral Sources
  • Suicidal Thoughts by Gender
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